Your Denomination Had It All Wrong


The reason why I asked you what Christianity/Gospel were is because of the content of your videos. Each of your videos is riddled with logically fallacies and vain deceptions. Some of the fallacies found were; straw man arguments, equivocation, reification, bifurcation, question-begging epithets, faulty appeal to authority, irrelevant thesis, and so on Im afraid your Christian experience was based on a faulty and very subjective gospel, a false gospel which only produces false conversions. Chris, you defaulted to me to share with you what I think Christianity and the gospel are. So I thought since you and your 7K followers like videos, I have attached three short videos from Paul Washer that represents biblical Christianity/gospel. Please watch… Thank you, Paul Continue reading

Religious Experiences as Evidence for God


“Show me evidence for God, please, GoForBroke, and I will gladly believe in him. “

Hmmm, okay, so if God is by defintion supernatural, why do you only accept scientific or naturalistic evidence of God?

Or are you willing to accept other forms of evidence/logic?

If so, there’s a philosophy major I am subscribed to called Telemantros, who may be able to give you the logic/evidence you’re looking for. I really do suggest you take a look at his videos: starting with “Religious Experiences: Introduction (Part 1 of 5)” The whole series is about 10 videos long, and explains a LOT better why religious experience should be counted as reliable form of evidence a lot better than any of my videos. (please disregard his videos where he ventures into abiogenesis and evolution because it’s obvious that’s not his are of expertise) Continue reading