Attacking Evidentialism without Presenting an Alternative

I recently received a comment from one of my subscribers whose Christian friend gave a rebuttal to Evidentialism. In the rebuttal, I noticed a pattern that I’ve seen among many critics: attacking Evidentialism without presenting a viable epistemological alternative. So I have decided to post a general answer to this approach. Continue reading

Evidentialist Answers to Some Existential Questions

Our local atheist group, the KU Society of Open-Minded Atheists & Agnostics (SOMA) was recently contacted by a student doing a project for a senior Apologetics class. For his project, he asked various existential questions from people with various worldviews, including secular worldviews. Since I felt I could answer his questions fairly quickly, I volunteered to answer.

I thought my answers might be useful to other people, so I am posting them here. These existential questions clearly come from a Christian worldview and I addressed this in my answers, where appropriate. Continue reading