Messiah Complex

Like many others throughout history and modern times, possibly including Jesus himself, for 4 days, I thought I was the messiah.

Like many others throughout history and in modern times, possibly including Jesus himself, for 4 days, I thought I was the Messiah.


You either have a mental illness if you thought you were the Messiah or you were stoned.


Well, Jesus thought he was the Messiah, so what does that say about him? ;)

Seriously though, there is nothing mentally ill about thinking you are the Messiah. The way that the concept has been hysterically built up for millennia, it’s no wonder that multitudes of people, Jesus included, have thought they were the Messiah. Assuming Jesus actually did think he was the Messiah and assuming Jesus even existed.

It may be a more extreme type of illusion than religion generally but it is not entirely uncommon. And so long as a person gets over it and returns to normal life, I don’t think one can justify calling it a psychosis.

Andre Augustine:

Wow!….”the second coming of Jesus Christ“….I love your honesty! :)


lol. Thanks :) I had the ulterior motive of making other people who had experienced messiah complexes feel less alienated and embarrassed. I also hope it helps shake anyone currently experiencing a messiah complex out of the mind state. I knew two others before making the video and many more came out in the comments.

12 comments on “Messiah Complex

  1. Rob says:

    Amy said “You either have a mental illness if you thought you were the Messiah or you were stoned.”

    And I have to agree that you had a mental illness, but I call that illness ‘Christianity’

  2. Kropotkin says:

    Actually, I think you might just really be the messiah. ;)

  3. Gotta say I had a Messiah Complex as well… except I was never sure if I’d turn out to be a John the Baptist or an Antichrist figure… the religious imagination is indeed powerful!

  4. FO says:

    Evid3nc3, you should open a Messiah Club or something, where all the Messiah can argue their parables and have miracle championships. ^_^

  5. Don says:


    I just watched your video series on deconversion. I was totally able to follow how you moved from Christian to Atheist. I also in particular was able to empathize with the frustration of being surrounded by Christians who have not thought out their faith. I have to ask: are you sincerely seeking the truth, or do you feel you have already found it? If you feel you have already found it and are not willing to delve further, then I respect that you have found a view that works for you. However, if you are willing to revisit your pillars of the God concept, I would be very interested in having a discussion with you. You seem very bright and articulate, able to grasp fairly abstract concepts. However, parts of your views seem to be misguided and I believe that, particularly in the area of the Wellhausen Theory of Documentary Hypothesis and morality constructs, being fed by inaccuracy. I also believe that a fundamental mistake you made in constructing your view was moving from the purely subjective realm into the objective realm in denial. I would sincerely love to discuss further with you. Watching your videos made me think very much about my early life and how many times I was met with blank faces instead of answers for my problems with faith. Again, if you are convinced that you have found truth, I respect that and wish you well. If, however, you are truly open minded and are still a truth seeker, I would love to dialogue with you.

    • evid3nc3 says:

      Experience has taught me that I have very little to gain from private discussions with objectors, even ones with such obviously noble intentions as yourself. If you would like to challenge a particular viewpoint presented in my videos then I welcome you to do so in the discussion section of my channel page.

      As it stands, I will always be open to new evidence and will never declare my current perspective to be certain truth. Again, please submit your specific challenges to my channel page:

      • CJ :) says:

        I agree that we can never claim to fully grasp the entirety of Truth at any particular moment. This is because time, whatever that is, is continually in motion. We are constantly moving forward. And in this motion we are journeying closer to the Truth. We are all merely at differing stages. The more we learn, compounded by our fervor for Truth and time, an equation that differs for every individual, the deeper our understanding will grow, and the clearer we can see Truth. A decreasingly dim light through the darkness. It’s a process.
        Ever closer, ever here.

  6. Evid3nc3,

    What software do you use for your video, an argument that you emphasize is very interesting. A concept of presentation that very new and quite modern.

    Just to start to gather some info.

  7. Hi my friend, my name is Moisés Prado, I’m finishing the college degree in philosophy. I’m from Brazil and I study in Federal University of Minas Gerais, we have a great philosophical department here.

    To begin, congratulations to you! You’re doing a great job!
    I was a protestant Christian and my story looks so much as yours. Well, let me go to the center point, I know you receive a lot of messages, so I won’t make you lose your time. We know you’re preparing your next video, so well, as a philosophy student I want to give you a clue, have you already read HUME? He has a book called “Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding and Concerning the Principles of Moral”, have you already read this one? If you haven’t, read it as soon as you can, ready the part Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding, as KANT said, this changed his way to see life, after reading HUME he no longer supported any kind of metaphysics that claims to have the ultimate truth. HUME show as how everything we know comes from experience, and say clearly that it’s all we have to make valid reasoning, but in the other hand, he also says that the knowledge got are not giving as the true itself, the true itself is beyond our limited human condition. So since we cannot reach the “real” throw our senses, HUME are skeptical, in other words, we cannot reach the true itself due our limited condition as human being, we cannot be “out” our body to make a pure science. But, HUME defends to be a skeptical just in theory, he says it’s the right philosophical position to take, but we can’t use it in practical terms, because we’re a living in a world that we should believe in our sense, so in practice we must trust in our senses, but we have to be aware they’re not giving us the final true. The book tells this and much more, says much more than the “cause and effect”, the most famous subject on it. HUME says we cannot see the “power” linking two events, which shows our weak knowledge. He ends the book saying that although we have a limited knowledge, it’s all we have, empirical observation and math, everything beyond this are “illusions”.

    Let me correct a thing you said in your last video: after DESCARTES defend math, here says he could be mistaken even on it, but it’s hardly, yes he says that the “deceiver god” could be deceiving him even on mathematics.

    Good luck for you friend, I have some videos on youtube about these themes as well, but they are in Portuguese, anyway, if you want to see, visit my channel. Thank you! Continue doing this great job! The “nixdorbrazil” translated your videos, congratulations to him too, your message have to go to the all-world to help free people from ignorance!

  8. I can relate 100% to harboring a strange delusion for a few days. I was on some weird medication for awhile and I got REALLY obsessed with Harry Potter (right before the last one came out in 2007). I was making all these charts I thought I had somehow ‘decoded’ the end of the series.. I was about to write a book and try to make some big public thing out of it, before I realized what was happening to me and stopped taking the pills.

    This did not have anything to do with my deconversion which has been much more recent, but I wanted to chime in and let you know that I especially related to that aspect of your story, and appreciate you being so vulnerable by including that part. Thank you for making such a thorough, beautifully produced and informative presentation. I have been scouring the internet for stuff like this and this is possibly the best presentation I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve posted a few of my thoughts (anonymously) at; nothing so comprehensive but I have found blogging to be a useful outlet since it is hard to talk about this stuff.

    Again, my hat is off to you!



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