Your Denomination Had It All Wrong


The reason why I asked you what Christianity/Gospel were is because of the content of your videos. Each of your videos is riddled with logically fallacies and vain deceptions. Some of the fallacies found were; straw man arguments, equivocation, reification, bifurcation, question-begging epithets, faulty appeal to authority, irrelevant thesis, and so on Im afraid your Christian experience was based on a faulty and very subjective gospel, a false gospel which only produces false conversions. Chris, you defaulted to me to share with you what I think Christianity and the gospel are. So I thought since you and your 7K followers like videos, I have attached three short videos from Paul Washer that represents biblical Christianity/gospel. Please watch… Thank you, Paul


I watched your videos. These ideas are slightly different from the majority but nothing shocking and definitely nothing original that I hadn’t already thought of myself as a Christian.

Attempted revolutions within the church are nothing new. Almost every year, a new leader sprouts up within some denomination declaring that mainstream Christianity has the doctrine all wrong and that some new set of doctrines is the right way to live. This has been happening non-stop since Martin Luther. It is the hallmark of Protestantism.

That is precisely why we have 33,000 Protestant denominations. Because almost every year, some new person pops up thinking they are the next Martin Luther. They have ideas about why today’s Christianity is all wrong and they are going to break off from denomination X and create some new denomination Y. The story is as old as Protestantism itself and it is unimpressive.

What it amounts to is that there are an infinite number of interpretations of the Bible and someone somewhere is going to feel a conviction that their new interpretation is right and all others are wrong. There is no evidence that this is based on anything more than strongly-held personal convictions based purely on that person’s own subjective reasoning.

It is one of the supreme modern ironies that so many modern Christians (and Muslims) are under the illusion that their own subjective convictions are “objective” and that other people’s subjective convictions are “merely subjective”. They can recognize subjectivity in everyone’s opinions but their own.

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