Translating Bible Verses to Say What They Mean

I’m often rebuked with Bible verses that try to make critical thinking itself appear evil or unreasonable.

I recently decided to respond to a Christian posting these verses to my channel by “translating” them, in plain English, to say what they actually mean (which is pretty much always a fallacious philosophical argument).

The results have been fun. One of my subscribers joined in, too. Which made me think: maybe people should respond this way generally to bad Bible verses. 

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Premature Judgement


I haven’t logged into this youtube account in over 3 years.

The Bible is full of allegorical tales from earlier cultures. It doesn’t take a linguistics ‘Professor’ to know this. It seems that the ‘Professor’ feels like he has found some truth that only the “academic few” are aware of. This is not the case.

For you, the Bible and God are one in the same. Both you and the ‘Professor’ believed at one time that something written by Man is the ‘Word of God’.

When this no longer appears to be true, you discount God entirely as did the ‘Professor’. Try reading Bernard Haisch for a different perspective. You seem to have committed to a one track analysis of God’s existence, largely led by someone who may be looking for answers himself (reason he was reading the amazon reviews in the first place). Continue reading